Which of these you fiind attractive in a guy?

So i want you girls to tell me what do you find attractive in a guy :

1-thin lips/full lips
2-short eyelashes/long eyelashes
3-colored eyes(what color)/brown yes/dark brown eyes
4-clean shaven/short beard(stubble)/long beard
5-big round eyes/smaller sharp eyes
6-pale white skin/fair skin/tan skin/dark skin
7-hooked nose/upturned nose--round tip/pointy tip
8-skinny/fat/chubby/kinda muscular/big muscles
9-short/average height/tall ( taller than 6ft)
10-short hair/longer hair/very long hair

Its a little long i know but what the hell i have too much time on hands atm so why not .


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. really doesn't matter
    2. don't care
    3. I tend to like brown eyes just because I have lighter eyes myself and seem to be attracted to the opposite looks wise.
    4. short beard or some facial hair looks sexy
    5. eh either could work
    6. fair skin but once again it doesn't matter that much
    7. a nose is a nose to me... that's all know
    8. skinny or little muscular
    9. taller than me... so anything above 5'7
    10. longer hair


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1-thin
    2- either
    3- probably blue but not a deal breaker
    4- clean shaven or a little stubble
    5- big round eyes
    6- fair/tan skin
    7- which ever suits him best
    8- kinda muscular/ fit
    9- average height/tall
    10- short hair.
    And yes I like guys


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What Girls Said 6

  • Just my opinion and im just saying what i like between the options.. but i like somewhere between full and thin lips, longer eyelashes, Colored eyes (but i dont really care too much, stubble or clean shaven depending on the guy, a nice nose, i like nice noses but I don't know how to describe that haha, muscular but not huge, somewhere 5'11+, longer hair (enough to style it and play with it) and yea haha

  • 1-somewhere in the middle is what I prefer
    2-long eyelashes are very cute
    3-I like all eye colours as long as there are a sparkle in them :)
    4-clean shaved or stubble (no for long beard)
    5- big eyes are really hot but smaller eyes are ok though
    6-doesn't matter at all
    7-doesn't matter
    8-skinny, chubby or kinda muscular
    9-taller than me
    10-longer hair or short hair

  • 1-2 I don't care 3. I don't care what color they are just as long as they are not dark brown.
    4. i dont care as long as his beard is not super long
    5. just as long he doesn't look Chinese
    6. as long as he is not dark skin im good
    7. doesn't matter
    8. kinda muscular/skinny
    9. he has to be taller than 5'3
    10. short hair

  • 1-7 I don't care
    8 average or muscular
    9 my height or taller
    10 don't care

  • 1- full lips
    2- long eyelashes
    3- blue or green
    4- clean shaven
    5- either
    6- tan skin
    7- any
    8- not skinny, chubby
    9- taller than 6 ft
    10- Short hair

  • 1 - fuller lips - not a deal breaker
    2 - longer eyelashes - not a deal breaker
    3 - brown or hazel eyes - not a deal breaker
    4 - clean shaven or stubble
    5 - dont care, but like someone who has 'depth' or soul
    6 - tan skin -not a deal breaker
    7 - dont care
    8- kinda muscular - big muscles
    9- average-tall - not a deal breaker
    10- short hair


What Guys Said 1

  • I just found most people on this site are not a fun of my smaller sharp eyes lol


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