How do I approach him?

I went on a date with a guy last Thursday and it was great. During our date he mentioned that we should go watch a movie together, and towards the end he kept his arms around me as we walked etc, there was chemistry and we both wanted to meet again.

I went away on Sunday and before i left i texted him on Saturday asking how his dads birthday went, just to talk before i leave.
On wensday i was bored so i wrote him again, and we talked and i mentioned the movie and if he still was up for it and he said yes and asked me when i was available and i said on Saturday ( tomorrow) and he said that works fine for him but we can plan it more today.

SO my question is, i feel like i am the one chasing do i contact him about the movies or do i wait until he contacts me to set date?

I really want to meet up with him again but what if im coming off as desperate? We met each other on tinder and he has been active on tinder since..i mean we went on one date together and thats ok.

What to do ?


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  • I would wait until after the afternoon tomorrow around 2 and if doesn't ask near that time than ask him or casually bring it up.

    • But he said lets plan it on Friday , so im like should i text him tonight or not

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    • Im a bit sceptical.. he's on tinder often and im like ok he prob has someone he's meeting already

    • Get him before he's gon, ask him if he has any plans in no then ask him out.

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  • Sometimes you need to take the lead because guys can be shy too or unsure. What you are doing seems right. After your next date you can chill a bit with the texting and see if he initiates next time around. I'd say that is fair and something I would probably do myself. So yes, contact him about the movies and set up the date. Next time it's on him though! Oh and just a little tip.. if a guy really likes you he wouldn't be worried about you texting him and initiating. Only guys who are playing games or guys who are not sure of their feelings seems to care about it. I'm just talking out of experience here.

    • Thanks! :) I will text him tonight and he has said there times that he is interested so I should just take a chance and see I'f he ment it

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  • It appears that he is taking things slow, is in no real hurry to be hooked a the hip here, dear, and with you seeing him 'Active on tinder since' is also telling me that he may be talking to others and not just you.
    With you making all the moves and not seeing a lot of his own grooves, the writing on the wall and all points to someone who feels he is no relationship and without being Exclusive or even Official, he does things in his own time whenever it may or may not be on his mind.
    If you are looking more in store then maybe this 'Tinder' heart is not for you.
    As far as 'Coming off desperate' it's up to you if you want to wait now for him to make his next 'Move' because he already probably now takes it for granted that you will be doing the 'Chasing.'
    Good luck. xx


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