I'm so confused with this guy?

So my best mate is a guy.. very attractive may I add ;) But I don't know what he's doing with feelings if you know what I mean! Like he comes and sees me after school, we hang out, we often message..but if we do message he will be online and not see my message like ignore it. He asked my Mum the other night to stay over so the other weekend he stayed over we watched Disney movies and we went to the cemetery for a fright and he promised to hold my hand the whole time, but we interlocked hands? And didn't let go until we got to the car? He tells me about who he likes and then he said that he doesn't think that he's right for her. He told me that "it may seem like we are talking but it really gets me happy :) and I couldn't leave you alone by yourself if i tried :)" WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON! He comforts me and everything but I am getting mixed signals right now!!


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  • he likes you definitely


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  • Mixed signals indeed.. @sehaj

    • He is into her.
      he ll sometimes ignore the message just to portray that she is not the only one he talks to and be like_'i hv a life u don't know about, and that he is sufficient of his own'.
      Basically playing safe. Asking her mom and staying over is an effort by him for her to develop the feelings. He told her about who he likes to also look at her reaction (the look on her face) to guess how much is she affected by it and then himself telling that he is not perfect for the other girl so that he can encourage her to agree and her agreement would be taken by him as a positive that she may be into him which is why she supported that he is not fit for the other girl.
      i guess its confusing above lol.

      He is into you but playing it safe. he is waiting to see positive responses from u so he can step it up a bit. he wants to be more sure and infact also contributing to develop more feelings from u for himself.

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