Do I press on or walk away?

so i went on these half-arsed dates with a girl who was looking for an open relationship.

first time i got way too drunk for the casual hookup that was being offered. second date i felt really out of mood and acted a complete bore. as we parted, i was sure that was the last time but then she offers to meet up the third time at a gathering with her friends. and she actually did invite me to it a week later. there i acted the part of a plutonic friend because i was sure that's what i'd turn into.

but then at the end of that meet she invites me to her place for next time.

but that was a month ago. no invitation has come. i tried chatting with her on Facebook twice. sent a text twice asking to 'hang out' and was rejected the both times. but then she also matches me on tinder meanwhile, and also writes me that she hopes to see me before she leaves. (we're both expats)

now the pessimist in me says i'm only being strung along and need to forget about it. but the optimist says i needed to be more enthusiastic?

because in retrospect, i hardly put any effort into being a good company and maybe the short bursts of text asking to hang out was too insincere.

what do you think?


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What Girls Said 1

  • She's too busy for you. Just move on. Find someone that actually shows interest in getting together.


What Guys Said 1

  • Quit wasting your time. She's lost interest.


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