Can you leave in Dating?

We have been dating for a few week's now and lately he seems to be distant lately. We went from skype-ing and or calling each other 5x a week to not even answering a text in the past few days.:/ I don't want to say anything because apparently were just "Dating".. but To Be Honest I don't even understand the concept of DATING?! Can a guy still talk to other girls while we're dating? Or get away with not texting back because we are not BF/GF yet? So obviously why should I care right? And I've learned that his biggest pet peeve is people who don't text back to him when he is trying to talk to them. ...Hypocrite. Not saying he is a total douchebag but we have shared some intense moments together and right when I believe he's going to come and see me so that he can pop the question in person. The guy turns cold TURKEY! So my main point is Can you break up with someone while dating.? Or is dating just leave when you want sort of thing. I don't want to make the mistake of sending a huge as text or call of its "it's,not me it's you", and "lets just be friends" speech...when his response will probably be "why u telling me all this were just dating"...Like WTF?! Are the rules of dating?

A Confused Dater


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  • Tell him what you want. If he doesn't agree walk away. Sounds like he is stringing you along. Don't wait around till he's ready to text you again. Get him to talk or walk away.


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