Friend asked me out! Help what should I do?

Okay basically I had this guy friend and we weren't really close but he did hang in the group of friends I did last year. Although once college finished, I lost contact with him, I still see him around college and we don't really acknowledge each other or I pretend not to see him because I feel awkward or shy. Anyway out of nowhere today he texted me asking about whether I was in college and we could meet. So we kept on texting and he admitted he had feelings for me and I never noticed and he still has feelings for me and is asking me to go on a date with him. Although I don't have feelings for him, should I go out with him so I can see what it's like? I'm 19 and not had any previous dating experience, so I maybe want to see what it's like


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  • It could hurt him in the process but expirience in this field is really good. You really can't learn about it other than doing it.

    Your call though

    • I told him I just want to be friends, and he still wants to take me out so I might just do it

    • make sure he knows he's not getting out of the friendzone though.

      Have fun ^-^

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