I havnt had success with online dating at all, so basically, any tips on getting better on it?

after almost 1 year and a half, i have managed to get a total of zero (!!!) dates lol. i wonder if there might be something obvious that im doing wrong that i might be overlooking?
i dont have any weird pics or anything, no weird selfies at the gym, or topless or showing of my nice carlol
my profile does clearly say that i am looking for something serious
and 99% of the time, i DONT just write 'hi how are you' or something like that.
still 19 out of 20 dont respond, and even the one that does, eventually stops after 3 messages.
would love to see if something has something to say


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  • I've been using dating sites for a few months now I've worked something out so i can at least get a date. show me a picture of you first so i can see what you're working with. then i can help you from there

  • dude i'd just suggest you to better give up online-dating... since nobody came successful from it basically...;-)


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