Thoughts on dating relationships with cousins?

Thanks for reading - this is pretty long and I appreciate your input.

First some background:
I am 15 and my cousin is 17. I have known her all my life and we have been pretty good friends. We have a lot in common and live nearby. However, recently I think it's escalated beyond that.

Last weekend, we were just hanging out talking, and out of nowhere she just kissed me. I asked why she did that and she said, "I'm bored and it's something to do." At first I was hesitant but eventually we just begun full on making out. she's awesome and smart and attractive - it was hard not too. We got as far as feeling eachother up under our clothes. In the end, I really enjoyed it but now feel kind of odd about the whole situation.

Neither of us mentioned the fact that we're cousins while we were doing this - I think we just didn't want to think about it.

Now today she texted me if I wanted to come watch a movie at her place. I'm really not sure what I should do it really that bad to do this or should I try to break it off? I really think she's an awesome girl so I'd like to have a relationship if we could. How could we tell our family?


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  • Uhm okay I would say this in the nicest way possible. I don't think you should date your cousin cause if everything goes well, or too well, you might have an offspring, who will be either lethal or defective. Learn from the history, how many Queens had miscarriage during the periods of Kings and Queens? (please exclude Queen Victoria, she was one of great miracles that ever happened)
    All I'm saying is that it's not a good idea, just saying..

    • And on the flip side, if it DOESN'T go well, then holy awkward family get togethers!

      There's just no winning.. and also it's gross.

    • That awkward family get together thing is so true @Sara413 I don't even know how to begin explaining this to the family

    • Yeah, honestly, family get togethers will be fucked up from now on regardless of what happens with them - especially if they actually TELL their family!

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  • No explanation necessary. Just your question is enough info for me to go on...

    The thought of any sexual contact with a cousin causes 99.9999 percent of us to dry heave.

    Run for your life, vomit a few times and never think about it again.

    • Well I guess I don't find it as gross as you.

      If you knew my cousin youd probably think differently :)

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  • Forget about it!!! Cousins are close relatives and you can't have common children because they can have serious health problems. So you are too young and there are a lot of girls which are not your relatives. Cousin is cousin. Forget about all what happend.

  • Dude she's you're fucking cousin. I just threw up a little reading this.

  • That's just wrong dude...


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  • go ahead, who cares ifs it your cousin. If you don't have a problem with it then don't listen to anyone that is trying to tell you its not right


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