So I brought this blonde hair dye?

I dyed my hair really dark buy mistake...soo iv dyed it over 2 times with "light brown" hair dyes..
it worked a little but didn't see much results...i used to have awsome really light brown hair..

so now I brought blonde hair you think it will work??


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  • I am not an expert on 'Dye' here, dear HoneyButterCup525, have always been a blonde, however when I do Not want 'Really dark' blond hair, which my own hair will turn in the winter time with no sun from the summer, I find I have to lighten it once in awhile during those Dark months.
    However, if you are Not a blond by Mother Nature, not sure if you have to totally bleach it and then go to the blonde dye... I think so. If you have always been a 'Really light brown hair' and now have dark, don't touch a hair on your own head, go to a reputable salon who can help you be... Blonde.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I don't think you should be dying your hair that much. But my aunt dyed he hair black but her hair was blonde. And it turned it green.

  • You're exposing your hair to too many harsh chemicals all at once. First you should stop dying it. You're hair will thank you for the break. At home dyes are different from salon dyes. You should go to your local beauty store like sallys beauty supply and ask if they have lightening shampoo which will loosen the hair dye in your hair and wash it out a little. It will lighten the dye and maybe you will like the color that way. Another thing you can do to lighten it is make a mix of honey and lime juice with a tablespoon of baking soda. You spread it through your hair and go outside under direct sunlight for a good hour or two and wash it out. You can try these first and the hair dye should lighten without adding extra harsh chemicals to your hair. Hope they help, I have a few more tips so if these dont work for you just message me and I'll be glad to send you others.


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