Girls, do you fall in love a guy because he is good looking?

I mean some girls say personality makes them stay, but does it make you happy if a guy is good looking? would you be happy in relationships?


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  • Being good looking might make me interested in a guy, but it certainly won't make me fall in love.

    What makes me fall in love is how I feel when I'm with him, how much fun we have together, and our shared values.


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  • Honestly, good looks obviously pulls you in, but if they're a douchebag, that's gonna be a deal breaker. You fall in love based on their personality. I've even fallen for guys that weren't the best looking but had amazing personalities.

  • It has me happy, of course if they are good looking... But I would not stay if only he was good looking with an ugly personality to me

    • so looks do not make you fall in love, but make you interested

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    • @Asker Meaning when u see somebody attractive to u... They catch ur eye... U look at them. :)

    • look at them makes you happy?

  • If he makes me happy he'd have a good personality and if I wasn't attracted to him I wouldn't be with him in the first place.

    Being good looking may open the door but it doesn't invite you in.

    • what do you mean in opening door?

    • It means you might be to go out on one date but if you're personality is bad she won't invite you to continue dating her.

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