How do you raise a girls interest again?

Hi I've only recently started dating again since my breakup so sorry for the long question

I recently met a girl online and we exchanged numbers, we were whatsapping each other constantly for about 3 weeks with super long messages on both sides and later met up in person, I thought it went quite well since she texted me right after saying she had a good time and that I made her feel comfortable by sharing my embarrassing stories, throughout the date she was telling me really personal things

We agreed to meet up again then went back to the usual long messages for a bit but then suddenly she seemed to not talk as much, before she used to send me several super long texts each day but now it seems to be just one if that, I asked if she was free at all to meet up again but she said she would let me know and then nothing.

I'm not sure what to make of this, I'm quite interested in her but I'm not quite sure what I should do because I thought we were doing quite well and then suddenly her interest levels seem to have dropped, is there something I could do?


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