Have you ever couldn't say "I like you" ?

Well, me and my crush was liking each other like 5 months ago although we couldn't confess each other, (i still do) and i missed many chances to tell her "I like you so much". I still drown into her eyes but nor we talk that much anymore nor we're in the same class anymore. Also i guess she forgot about me...

Regret is a harsh thing to deal with, people. Just say that "i like you". The regret because you haven't done it is heavier than rejection.

Have you ever experienced something like that?


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  • Yeah. To people I didn't care for. For people that I do like, I can say it.


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  • Yes. A similar situation that went on over the span of 2 years while I was in high school. This girl I liked in my 6th period. I feel guilty because she tried to talk to me at times, smiled, and her friends would do obvious stuff that hinted she liked me, saying stuff like '' Go talk to him '' around me.

    I remember that day, and it hurts because her response was '' He doesn't want to talk to me '' I can never take that back either. Wish I wasn't so damn shy back then, I never meant to hurt her :'(

    • My advice to you is to go ahead and make a move anyway, because the girl in my story got frustrated and gave in to someone else's advances. So if just 5 months have passed, there's still he for you.

      If you don't make a move, someone else will, and she's probably frustrated with thinking you don't like her. So she will give into the other person's advances.

    • Damn man, your story though...
      You're so right. But im not in a situation that ables me to make moves. But whenever i have a chance, i will go ahead and confess what am i feeling. Am waiting for the day. (The day that never comes?)

    • I was waiting for a good moment too, if you wait too long... she will find someone else. I know this from experience.. and if you're still in school, you will see them together, and it will hurt. No time like the present to make a move.

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  • It takes courage to say something like that in fears of rejection for most people. I am going through a similar situation.

  • I think I have before but my crush was older than me by 6 years


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  • Had almost the same experience. Decided to confess way too late, not good my friend. I learned the lesson the hard way. Never wait too long to confess your feelings

  • So how did you know she liked you then?
    I've never said it. Maybe I will today when I hang with my crush.

    • She is a girl almost never hangs out with boys and she was jumping on me to talk when she's able to do.
      We had conversation face to face for hours with a big passion. And she was keep telling that "damn this conversation can't end" as we were reaching the end of time.

      Literally, I was the only boy that been she's life this way.

    • Nice. Yeah so I just back from hanging with my crush (I have a feeling I'm gonna say that a lot on this website in the next few days) and she says she has like no friends, does nothing all day... but she's extremely cute, and she's lived in the area her entire life.

      And it's kinda weird that she mentioned it was a long conversation, unless she wanted it to end...

  • I have missed some opportunities by not saying before

  • NO no non no


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