How do men rate girls?

I know every man has different preferences, but how do they come up with a number out of 10


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  • if its a number then its purely physical unless personality and character traits are involved before rating.

    • But how do they add or take away points
      Like with comparing face with body

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    • Yeah that's what I thought
      But let's say (speaking from a mans preference) a girl is a 6 in the face and a 9 in the body what is the total rating?

      Or a 8 in the face and a 4 in the body?

      Random thing: I feel like no matter with preference if the body is hotter than the face than she is going to get a bigger rating than a girl with a higher face rating

    • if you rate the face and the body separately then you add both numbers and the new rating is out of 20.

      and yeah if she has a hot body then that will definitely bump her a point or a few because boobs and ass, its very appealing, not only that but if a guys into nice toned legs and waist/stomach then that's more points for her from him, etc etc.

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  • Here is the criteria and importance of each while I rate girls. If you're talking about a physical attraction rating...

    1. Body. This is the number of important factor, even more important than the face. This may come as a surprise but I love curvy women, especially a small waist with a big butt (as well as big boobs too.) But I'm more of a butt guy. I will find a girl with a desirable body and undesirable face more attractive than vice versa. I would date a girl without a desirable body but it wouldn't be easy.

    2. Face. This is the second most important factor. Even if a girl had a body that's a 9.5/10, if I find her face unattractive, then I must deduct points. I would still date a girl with an unattractive face, yet, nice body.

    3. Skin tone. I like girls who are tan the most. Pale isn't as attractive to me, but I don't like very dark as well. To be blunt, I'm mainly only attracted to white and Latina women.

    4. Height. This is by far the least important physical trait but I prefer tall girls as opposed to short girls. I'm 6'3, so a tall girl is nice for me (I don't want to bend down and baby sit a girl.) However, I would still date a short girl.

    As far as personality goes, it's too hard for me to rate numerically. I like girls who are smart, funny, nice and hard-working. But I don't care about personality as much as I do looks.

    Either way, I'm not picky at all. It takes a lot to turn me off lol.

  • It's relative to who is doing the rating. For example, I pretty much only date white brunettes... hence, someone like this would be a 9 or 10 to me.

    Though, some guys might prefer blondes. Or if you ask a mexican guy or a chinese guy, or a black guy, standards will likely vary.

    • Giving every white brunettes 9 or 10 would be way too much. There got to be white brunettes who are 8 or less, right?

    • @bananadream

      of course, there will be ugly and hot white brunettes. point is , she's my type, so i'd like her. but if your type is a hot latina, you prob won't like that pic as much as me. see?

  • It's based on

    *your facial structure
    *how healthy and long your hair is
    *how clear your skin is
    *your body shape and proportions
    *the size and shape of your tits
    *hip to waist ratio
    *roundness and tightness of your ass
    *flabbiness/skininess of legs
    *how you present yourself
    *whether you're overweight or underweight for your size

  • Personality 99.9%. Looks 0.1%. Sorry, that's out of 100. Just divide by 10!!
    Personality wins every time. Looks change over the years. Personality really doesn't change that much.

  • For me, I just kinda "know" what number a girl is. And I'm usually just rating her face. But I would probably want to fuck any girl I rate 7 or higher.

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  • All I know is that I consider it retarded.

  • Face-tits-body shape-ass, really not that difficult to understand :P

  • just like girls, out of 10

  • Reading these responses make me sad lol


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