Girl reappeared online after an unexplained absence , should I say anything to her?

sort of friends with this girl and had wanted to date her , i added her to my Twitter around Christmas holidays and also saw her a couple times in pub in town as she was back home from school. then didn't see her again till around day before Valentine's day and i talked to her that night and she stoped posting anyting to Twitter around start of January for reasons i never understood at time . i wondered if reason she disapeared was rumors around town after we had been seen together at bar during the holidays some people wondered if we were dating but we weren't . she also didn't communicate with me during the time she was offline and i don't really know what she was up to at school as she's a bit younger than me , so could of been another guy or she was just partying or who knows .
anyways i noticed last night she was back on Twitter in late march and has started posting stuff again , not sure if i should say anything as i haven't seen her for more than a month now and really not sure if she was even interested in being friends with me on that site to begin with .


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  • Sure.. Say welcome back or something similar


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  • If you want to.


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