Could he possibly like me or am I just reading this wrong?

My cousin recently introduced me to her boyfriend and during a couple times of hanging out i noticed..if i say something that's kinda funny he's the only one who will laugh or of four other people..I've caught him looking at me and smiling like if he's looking at a cute puppy our something like he wants to say aww.. he tells me how to take pics and told me i have good ideas..if I'm playing music he'll say he likes whatever song it is..he's even told his gf my cousin that he loves my hair once and the other time said my hairs super curly and thick and its a very sweet girl while his girlfriend's kinda rough around the edges.. everything i said he looks at me like if he wants to protect me and it seems like he tries to show off to me in front of my bf.. what does this mean? Am i over thinking it?


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  • You're certainly not over thinking it...
    there's something there but his gf is your cousin... i mean are you close?
    Wait till he does sth maybe...

    • Me and my cousin aren't too close but i have no interest in him.. I'm in a happy relationship.. i wouldn't ever do anything too hurt her in any way.. :)

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