Do I need counseling?

My sister says I need counseling...because this guy asked me out a year ago I told him no! I still regret my answer! Stuff kept happening to make me think something else was going to happen! The guy moved away! And his brother told me that he was coming back...but, that was about 8 months ago! And I haven't seen them since! I can't get in touch with them to see what's going on! I don't know what to do! She said she was concerned about my heart! I really liked this guy! I don't know why I said no! I don't want to move on! I'm pretty convinced that he's not coming back! But, it doesn't change the fact that I still want to get to know him!

Please help! Do I need counseling
And I'm started liking stuff that he told me he was interested in! Whic I don't think its weird... sure he's the reason I some stuff now! But, isn't that normal?


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  • No counselling isn't needed, you just need time to get over this guy

    • How long does it take! To be able to move on? Like I've been asked out since this guy! But, I don't want to go out with any of them. Just the guy I turned down.

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    • Yeah! I feel like I'm getting better... I have good days and bad days! Which none of the days is like oh I'm great who cares! I've wanted another chance ever since he walked out of my life! I don't know if he feels/felt the same way I do! But, I'm start to try to accept that he's probably not coming back! 😫

    • You need to learn to have fun by yourself, having what i call "Me days" just dedicate a day to do whatever the fuck you want

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  • ignore your sis basically... nobody needs "counseling" once he/she WANTS to

    • Do you think I should be over it by now?

  • Counseling? Hahaha No. You don't need counseling

    • But, should I be over him by now?

    • Not necessarily over him just maybe you should not be as into him as you are? I mean it's not like you dated or anything

    • True I know we didn't date! But, I could've gone out with him! Which is my fault we didn't! But, I just don't wanna let it go! Like I've never liked someone this much in my life.

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