If a woman cooks you a nice dinner do you bring flowers?

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  • Yes. I would also give her flowers as a pleasant surprise every once in a while.


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  • No--I wouldn't know the dinner is nice until having tried it.

    Flowers are retarded though, i mean just in my opinion, but I fucking hate them and think they are cliche.

    I'd just give her the best massage she's ever had, and then fuck her like there's no tomorrow.


  • No because it's not about making things even out, I bring flowers randomly to surprise a woman and make her day not because she did something nice for me.

    • Okay well, just a side note, if ANYONE cooks and invites you to a free meals (think dinner party) you should usually show up with something unless it is a large formal event. So 3 couples and a dinner equal bring the host liquor, flowers, potted plant, wine... painting? Something.

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    • lol at your reaction to a potted plant. that 's more of a house warming gift, I think.

    • @thewanderubgne - Not to sound old fashioned or worldly but what you are describing is a potluck. It is fine to bring dessert or sides to a wake but if you are going to a fancy dinner party that is small men usually bring a scotch to share, wine can be brought and often flowers if it is small and nonformal.

      I will admit that the French taught me this habit but it applies in the U. S. as well. Now I'm certainly not going to get upset at a dinner party if everyone shows up ready to load up on free drinks, but back to the dating scenario I think my question is a bit more on point in the 'getting to know you phase'.

      Gosh we ladies dress up, clean up and cook up. Men usually appreciate this by either planning a fancy night out or just whatever they can get together be it flowers or words. But I guess I don't know how things go these days.

  • I'd typically show up to a dinner date with something. If she cooks me a meal then hell yeah I'll bring flowers, unless it's a mutual friendship kind of thing then it will depend.

  • Yes. That's the least I could do. Though I wouldn't need dinner to entice me to it necessarily.

  • I've never had a girlfriend make me dinner. I've made nice dinners for all of the women I dated for more than a couple of weeks, but none ever brought me anything.

    My brother and his wife invite me over for burgers or stake on the grill sometimes, but no, I don't bring anything. I don't otherwise do dinner parties, since I'm no longer dating, and I don't care for social situations where social standing is conferred or forfeited based on an unspoken competition regarding one's ability to adhere to these "rules." In other words, you'd drive me nuts QA, but knock yourself out. ;)

    • So if a woman cooked for you would you be throne for a loop?

      You're right when men cook I usually just bring a bottle or two of really nice wine that compliments the meal. But I also show up dressed sexy with nice matching undies because evidently men think this is a big deal (the matching sexy undies)?

  • if I knew she was doing it I would, but if I didn't than I would at least do the dishes

  • Women do things like that?

    • I cook and I like to cook gourmet lamb, fish, steak with nice veggies and flavor. I think more men than women cook now though and in that case I show up with matching under top and bottom of the French persuasion.

      I used to HATE flowers by delivery because they are around $100 and not necessary. But flowers not overpaid for wrapped and tied in paper, SO CUTE. So amazing.

      Again, for me this is getting to know you dating. The bigger deal is letting someone into your home and your heart. This is usually when I can tell if there is a future. If I'm into a guy and at his place I looks at photos on the wall and books.

      If a guy has been asking about family for 3 dates then doesn't glance at a single photo or pet my dog it is usually just lip service.

What Girls Said 3

  • I think it's a good idea. It would make me happy.

  • He doesn't have to but that would be sweet.

  • men only bring flowers when they've cheated.

    • Not true! Some men are romantic.

    • Aww come on, we'e not all like that :D

    • lol I was only playing. i know that some men are really romantic and that not all men do that.

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