Dating sites first message?

hey can someone give me an example of what would be something good to write as a first message to a girl on a dating website that I have stuff in common with?


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  • Keep it "simple stupid". Go with what akadatank44 said look over her profile to find things you can talk about. If she likes animals you can ask about animals and link to YouTube videos. If she says she likes new things you can ask about the most daring things she's done. Whatever you pick, to be able to build on and branch out to other topics easily.


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  • Hey I see you like doing "whatever you have common" so do I. How long have you been doing it? or interested in it. what got you into it. are you any good

  • just ask: "yo, when can I see ya CLAP DEM CHEEKS!!"

    • hahahahaha I love how you guys are so funny :P

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    • hahaha of course... but it just sounds like something too bland... & also I don't wanna say some cheesy pick up lines... I left the PUA world cause all of that was just crap...

    • like does that work for you?

  • Hey baby. I saw your pictures and I just got a boner and couldn't stop picturing you with yer tits out.. Is there a chance you want another bone inside you? xoxox


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