Girls, do girls like big muscles on guys? I'm big and built but girls still don't pay me that much attention, how could this be?

So I use to be a small and scronny little kid weighing only 130 pounds. Most girls would tell me to hit the gym and build some muscle and I decide to do that, but now that I'm nicely built weighing 190 I figured I would be getting a lot of female attention, but actually it's stayed the same, maybe it increased just a little but not much. Why is this? Don't girls like big muscles?
Well I do approach girls and I talk to them politely and I try to make them laugh and smile, which I do because I'm a funny guy at heart. I'm not built like the hulk but whenever I go to the gym everyone stares at me like I'm huge. Both guys and girls stare at me. I sometimes make eye contact with girls at the gym when I catch them starting should I walk over and say hello, I really don't want to interrupt their workout.


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  • strike up a convo with women (: they always love that. just because you look hot doesn't mean a women has guts to come say hi lol

    • a good personality is a must!! lol for girls big muscles is just a bonus

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  • When I see a guy with lots of muscle, it's hot but I'm also intimidated by him and I get shy hahaha so I just put my head down and scurry past.
    That's my reason.

    • Would you still act shy if he approached you and talked with you?

    • Yes, probably even more so! But if he asked for my number, I would find it easier to talk to him over text and then decide to meet up once I'm more comfortable with him.

    • That's interesting, I'll keep that in mind.

  • Not as much as I like a good personality. Do you approach women in an unpleasant manner?

  • I like some muscle, but not too much.

    • What is considered too much?

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    • Oh. Gotcha. Well, most people go through several dates/gf/bf before they find the one. Personally, I don't waste my time. I prefer to be dateless than to date someone that I feel little to connection with. Itddoesn't take long to feel it. I look at it as, when it happens, I will just know. Remember, you have to look deeper than what's on the surface. For instance, the images I showed you that attract me aren't just it for me. Yes, that's what I like, but if the guy has no muscle and will have great chemistry then it doesn't matter to me. Beauty is not just skin deep. I like to get to know guys before I will go on a date with them. Especially since I have kids and I don't want random men in and out of their lives. I also don't want them getting attached to a man that most likely won't last. They deserve better than that.

    • I see your point, and totally agree with you on your kids and letting random guys Into their life.

  • We like guys with muscles not the Hulk.


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