Do you ever ask women on dating sites for a friends with benefits thing straight up?

This decent looking guy on okcupid contacted me and after few message back and forth on the same night, he asked me if I would do a friends with benefits .
He has a graduate degree and a job. He's fairly good looking and has a relataively interesting profile. He's not that great he's just decent enough. I was wondering if this is common or if it's someone testing me.
please note that my picture profile isn't even that great.


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  • Testing you? How? He's simply wondering if you will be his fuck buddy.

    (Calling it "friends" with benefits is kind of silly--you guys aren't friends lol).

    Don't forget to have him wear a condom. Have fun!


    • he wanted a girlfriend so he's been messaging girls on the site, if they agree to be fuck buddies he doesn't consider them as potential girlfriends. he was testing the waters

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  • HELL NO!!!

    i'd not do that even if i was paid basically!

    • so it could be that he's someone i know who's testing the water? or someone contacting me from a faked profile to test the water?

  • Yes, I find fuck buddies that way all the time. He probably saw your picture and thought that you were hot enough to fuck, at least. I'm very forward about my desires because that's the best way to get my needs met and avoid hurting girls. I don't like to manipulate or harm women, I just want to get p*ssy and fulfill my almost persistent sexual desires.

    • what if we met and I wasn't as hot as I looked in the picture? I mean I thought he's fine looking for me in the picture but I might not like him in person!

    • Be straight up with him. Tell him you want to meet for a sizing up date before you'll go there with him. I've had girls ask to see pics of my erection before doing it to verify that I met their size requirement. This isn't a time to be shy about what you want. Make sure you get yours ;-)

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