Do older women (25+) become jaded and more bitter about life?

They start losing their looks as they age. Do they become more jaded and bitter about life? About men? About future?

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  • Ah, you can't make that general assumptions, because it just not true. That's like saying, do all men become lazier and more selfish and expect their wives to take care of them as they get older.

    • Why come young girls have a better outlook in life? Having fun and partying? Going outside in the rain? Living for the moment.

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    • No, I mean that their family may be what is most important to them, or maybe their job, but certain things take priority, and others may be dependent on them.

    • how boring.

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  • If a woman looks after herself and remains fit and healthy, her appearance won't deteriorate much until she gets past 45. By then, most will have grey hair and be dying it, but that doesn't really show.
    Women over 30 become easier to deal with. They've gotten over the fact that appearance alone doesn't make them desirable, and the world doesn't owe them a living because of it.


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  • Yes, I think there is truth in that.


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