What are some good dating apps for people who don't want to just hook up? What has your online dating experience been like?

I am curious about online dating, but I have never done it because I have no idea what app to start on, or anything like that. I'm 18, but I do not just want to hook up with some dude... Like I want to get to know someone and open my opportunities for meeting good quality people. I am trying to be more open minded about dating apps (I have always thought they were only for hook ups/ people who just don't do things in real life.). I was just curious if anyone would like to share their experiences and any apps that they really enjoy! :)


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  • "dating apps for people who don't want to just hook up?" There is no such thing lol. Every dating site/app will have people trying to hook up even if they market the app as a place for people to date or find relationships but there are definitely some that you want to steer clear of such as Tinder, Badoo, and MeetMe. I think a legit dating app where you will have a greater chance of meeting guys that don't want to hook up would be Match, POF, and eHarmony.

    • Thanks for the advice! I did not think there were any dating apps that had no one on it using it for hook ups, but I just wanted to know at least the ones to stay clear of if I decided to try it out.

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  • I found my fiancĂ© on plenty of fish (POF) (three Decembers ago) and it's free. But creeps that just want to get some are everywhere and are mainly online or dating sites so.., but it's worth a shot.

    • Thanks! I figured there would creeps on any site and people who just want to hook up. I just wanted to know which sites to avoid for sure / what sites were better than others as I am clueless to online dating and may want to check it out. :)

    • You're welcome, hun. There was also this one site, I forgot the name, it was some kind of site were you meet new online friends and a boyfriend like a Facebook but for friends and dating.

  • They all suck.

    • Haha that is what I have always thought, but I never have tried it out, so I wanted to give it a shot somewhat. But, in all honesty I do not want to deal with people who just want to hook up sooooo I may just continue to stay clear of it all for now.

    • That's your best bet. I haven't come across any guys on them that wanted anything more than just a hookup. I sure do have some stories of the messages I got!

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