How do you exactly know if guy likes you but is just too shy? im currently confused by this shy guy friend of mine?

i have a close guy friend who is super shy and quiet but can be a crazy one when you get to know him better.recently we've been hanging out just the two of us.we became close to each other to the point we shared stories of our lives.we see each other 5-6 times a week. im starting to like him more than a friend but i know im not his type of girl.but he is showing me signs that seems like he likes me.he gets jealous when i tell him im with another guy friend,he will send tons of msgs.we talk 24/7.he always wants me to be around him.but he don't want our friends to know that we always hang out because he said he doesn't want any issue.i felt bad because i told him it seems he is embarrassed we hang out always but he said he just didn't want people to talk about us.he hates people who gossips.our friends always tease us that we look good together and teasing him to go on pursue being my man.i don't want to assume but i feel he likes me too.i don't know im confused.and im very afraid to ask so i just go with the flow.


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  • Sounds like he likes you. Tease him. This always works with shy guys. If you tease him enough and make suggestive comments he'll either run away scared or he'll man up and make a move on you.

    • i do tease him back. we're like teenagers lol. whenever one teases, the other tease back more. and he always asks me on what clothes or outfit suits him, what haircut.

  • Im pretty sure he likes you.

    • thanks that helped my mind to stop over thinking

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