So I'm confused. Help?

So I dated this girl for a long time, she was my first real relationship. It was great at first but ended really badly. It's been about two month since then and I already have replaced my ex with a new girl and our relationship is almost the same emotionally as my ex when it was good, is it that I love both women or nether? I've never really loved before.


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  • First off, I think you should slow down. Replacing someone so quickly really messes you up. I think you're in the "feel good" part of the relationship. It's too soon to tell if you love her. The question is, do you care for your ex at all? Do you see a future with her? Same for your current girlfriend. You won't know if you truly love someone until you let time pass. But seeing as it's exactly how it was last time, maybe you should take a break from dating for a bit.


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