I'm dating a guy who, when stressed out, stops talking to me until he figures it out, what do I do?

I'm dating this guy, and as a girl I like communication. Not a whole lot, but a little. This has happened once before with him, and I told him this is exactly why I don't want to be in a relationship. He basically started less and less communication about a week ago. He no longer texts as much, and today not at all. This is the guy who wouldn't leave me alone. I asked what's wrong, he told me, and it is due to stress. I want to give him space, but honestly I fucking hate that excuse. Can't you just say Good morning, and good night? I don't have the energy to yell at him like I did before. I am so frustrated. What do I do?


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  • Tell him he needs to communicate or its over. He needs to have more trust in you to talk about his worries.


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