Guys, what kind of things make you judge whether a girl will be good or bad in bed without actually knowing?

Make a list of things for both :)

a) what kind of things make you assume she'll be good
b) what kind of things make you assume she'll be bad

Some examples of things might be personality traits, appearance, habits, hobbies, body language... or anything else I haven't thought of lol (I really have no idea what guys judge girls on I am just guessing lol).


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  • It takes two to tango, so if one is bad, than the other is bad in bed too. Both the man and the woman need to be comfortable with communicating their desires, turn ons and etc. If you don't know how to push your partners buttons, chances are you won't.

    • Ok so assume you are good in bed. What makes you judge whether a girl will also be good in bed? Just because one person is good doesn't mean the other will be.

    • Ok everyone is different. I myself am actually easy to please, but I like a fair bit of foreplay, you know kissing, rubbing and I like it when she plays with 'me' One girl I was with knew exactly what do you because she paid attention to my body language, breathing and moaning, and there was another girl who didn't. For the latter, I communicated to her what I like and she did it and it was great. So I guess, what make someone good in bed, is someone who pays attention, is open minded and most importantly of all, someone who listens.

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  • Good: personality traits, maybe habits, if and how active she is ( exercise, sports, etc.)

    Bad: no idea

    How she kisses can tell quite a bit either way

    • Please be more specific :) which personality traits and habits?

    • Well for personality traits: willing to try new things, open minded, optimistic, happy, laid back
      not sure about habits really, maybe I will start paying attention and see :0

  • If she has a strong desire, open mind and wants to please I think she'll be really good.

    • Lol of course, but how do you judge those things?

    • Not by their hair or shirt color. By getting to know them.

  • The way she moves, her confidence level, her lack of prissiness, her pride in her body

  • Body movement, how... hmm... refined and sharp her personality, does she like beer or not. All of those and a bunch of other things are clues to her level of sexual experience, which might correlate with being good in bed.


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