First date/hangout: He held my hands, keeps giggling and also told me I was pretty. Is all this a good thing?

So yesterday I went out on a date with a guy I met on tinder...I've never met someone with such fun and great outgoing personality...positive vibe. I was nervous before I met him. But the date turned out great. During the whole time we just kept talking he kept saying how cute I was and how short I am and how beautiful I am non stop just reminding. And he even at one point got soo comfortable he wrapped his arms around me and then to the point where he just held my hand even when he was driving he didn't even let go. He even kissed me out of no where going back to the car. he's a very busy guy...and I even told him That he'd prolly won't even talk to me again (because he was so cute handsome and successful -- not the type to like me kind of guy?) but anyways he was honest and told me he's not that guy he'll talk to me. After our date we kissed he went back to work and I went home. And Ever since when we text he calls me his 'bae ' I don't know if he a playa or he really trying to look for a keeper. Or just messing with my mind so I stick around.


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  • I want to say one word to you :- Congratulations! :)


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  • He doesn’t sound like a player, but be cautious. He practically smothered u. He could be looking for a quick hook up or a ego stroke. I would flirt a little, but don’t fall for all of his sweet talk. Like my mom says to me, you’re valuable. No freebies. :P


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