Is it fair? is it fair?

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I saw this question
Is it true beacuse in my country dating is not a common thing but rhis question saying that guy have to pay on dates and girls have to pleasure him is it a bussines deal.
Is it fair?
Don't judge me
I am not the person whom for you waiting
I don't like rude people


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  • Generally, guys pay for the date and it's not mandatory for the girls to pleasure them.

    ----------------> case closed <------------------</a>

    • Yes bru
      But see that girl how rude she is
      Without knowing me how can she talk like that

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    • Such people are everywhere, it's up to you if you can ignore them or get hurt time and again for no reason.

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  • First of all, you shld read the opinions in that question before asking this question. Second, the answer you're looking for is obvious if you do the first step. 😒

    • About what your talking
      See my previous answers and talk

    • And I have no problem with who paied in date because in my country we don't go for date just I asked to know that what is happening there

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