A little confused and need a some opinions or maybe see if people are in the same boat as me?

So long story short, I have always had a hard time with dating. Now I strongly believe have not been given a fair chance, I feel like I have never had someone interested in me.

Now my side of the story is that I do find a lot of people attractive. But I am not necessarily attracted to who they are or who I think they are. And when I am interested in someone it is usually with a person that is "out of my league. " or something along those lines.


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  • Can I ask: Why are they "out of your league"? (I mean that both in terms of who you are and who they are).

    • Maybe out of my league is the wrong way of describing it. But when ever I ask someone out they usually want nothing to do with me.

      The last person I asked out kinda had a funny reply. We worked together and we talked got to know each another over a period of time also texted. So one day I told her I wanted to speak to her in private. And it wasn't anything out of the blue almost everyone knew I had a thing for this person. So I said to her "I believe that she is a very sweet girl and great person. And I want to see how great you actually are." And her reply was "Oh boy." She used the I am too busy excuse. Which I know she was busy to some degree, but if you are interested in someone you would make time for them.

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