Will my boyfriend like this gift?

Me and my boyfriend we've been dating for 3months and his 18th birthday is very soon i wanted to get him this little bag so guys tell me will you appreciate it if your girl gave it to you heeelp me :) Will my boyfriend like this gift ?


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  • I don't know what your boyfriend likes so I can't say for sure if he'd like it. Personally I'd like that my gf got me something but I'm not a big fan of it tbh. I've already got enough bags and I really don't know what I'd use this one for :/

    But thats just me, maybe your boyfriend is in desperate need of a new bag. In which case this would be the perfect gift for him :)

    • thank you for being honest :) my boyfriend does not own that much of bags and i think it suits his style perfectly , what else do you like your gf to give you?

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    • Don't worry one you'll find the right girl ;) and yeaah im gonna get him a card and write like a love letter

    • thanks :)

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