Am I crazy or normal?

Alright so I need advice from an unbiased perspective. My bf and I just started going out about 3 months ago. He is 27 and has his own apartment. Well his one female friend and him hangout alone in his room and watch movies. I'm not comfortable with this at all. It has nothing to do with not trusting him. I see it as a respect thing. A guy or girl in a committed relationship doesn't have opposite sex friends in their bedroom period. Obviously I'm not referring to family members here. I have no problem with him having female friends but honestly do they need to be in his bedroom? I mean there is literally tons of stuff to do they can go out and catch up over a bite to ear. Take a walk, grab coffee. When I told him it made me uncomfortable to have her in her bedroom so freaked out saying well you guys only been dating 3 months and I have been your friend 6 years our friendship should come first and she should understand. When I got advice from my mom and girlfriends they were all like excuse me I don't care if he has been friends with this girl for 16 years or 6 seconds there are certain things a taken guy shouldn't be doing with another women that needs to be toned down once he is in a relationship. I agree with them totally. They also said it raises red flags on how much this girl actually sees him as just a friend if she is that bent out of shape about not being allowed in his bedroom again j never said they can't hangout or he can't talk to her but come on now there has to be some sort of boundary or limit and no other women belongs in the bedroom of my man. She got mad at my bf for him putting my wishes first but I'm pretty sure that's expected when a guy has a gf her needs and wishes are going to be places first before another women's because he is looking to start a future with her. As it should be. I'm pretty sure my feelings on this subject are normal but I just wanted to double check with you guys that I'm not crazy for feeling this way.


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  • i think you should tell him not to do that anymore it is kinda disrespectful

    • Yeah I did and he said he understood where j was coming from but for some reason his "friend" is throwing a bitch fit. Which makes me question if she really views him as just a friend. I'm just going to follow the old adage keep your friends close but your enemies closer

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  • Your def not crazy. He's crazy for thinking that's appropriate. And she should understand too. I'm sure she wouldn't like it if the tables were turned.

    • Its nice to know I'm not the crazy one here. He realizes its not appropriate once I talked to him about it. Guys can be kinda dense when it comes to that kind of thing I guess

    • lol OH YA!! You're right there.

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  • That's really messed up. She probably, no doubt has feelings for him. Why in the bedroom? You got so many other places to go. She has no reason to be in his his bedroom. 6 years of friendship or not.

    • That's literally exactly what I said to him. Its not like I'm saying they can't ever hangout just not in his bedroom. I verrry rarely hangout in my friends bedrooms when I hangout with them

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