Girls, can too much affection or too many compliments be an issue?

I feel like once I have a gf I may overboard. I will want to compliment and show affection all the time. Always wanting to hug,hold, cuddle and kiss her. Is there a point where it's too much. If so will she tell me? Is having her initiate everything a good way to avoid this? Also I would tell her that she would need to initiate and why.


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  • Yes, it would be an issue to me. I don't want to be smothered. Less is more. Obviously you shouldn't neglect her, but neither should you shower her with compliments and affection. Find a nice balance. Compliments especially annoy me when I receive them 24/7, because then they feel less genuine and special. I like receiving compliments a lot more when they're original and when I don't get them that much - hence feeling more genuine/special. As for affection, as long as I get to have my own space and as long as I don't feel like the guy is constantly touching me in some way, I'm ok.

    "Is having her initiate everything a good way to avoid this?"
    NO. It should be 50/50. If you never initiate anything, it'll make her feel neglected and unwanted. It'll make her feel like the relationship is one-sided and that she's the only one putting any effort into it. The both of you should put effort into initiating, AND give each other some room to initiate too. If you always initiate everything, she'll never get the chance to initiate and vice versa. Some girls can be really shy though, so it can be good to tell them that it's ok to initiate. A lot of shy people hesitate to initiate because they don't want to come off as being desperate/clingy. But if you let her know that it's ok and that you'd like it, it probably will encourage her.

    • Yeah I also would be for communication so it probably won't be an issue. But I'm just worried I'll make her uncomfortable by going overboard from the start.

    • Then try to keep yourself together and ask her if it's too much for her.

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  • too many compliments make me uncomfotable. the only time I don't want affection is out in public. PDA grosses me out. the rest of the time, I love it!

    • couples should initiate equally.

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    • Me too it would make me uncomfortable lol. I hate having attention drawn to me. So I would feel awkward

    • exactly! I'm the same, I can't handle too much attention, especially from strangers..

      your question inspired me to ask one about getting/giving compliments in general..

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