Girls, to those of you who don't fart in front of your boyfriend and live / have sleepovers with him, how do you do it without him knowing?

I never understood how girls can do this lol. I'm single and have to hold them in all day at work so when I come home sometimes I fart like 20 times lol I don't know how girls can do this sneakily?

Do you have to go to the bathroom every single time you need to fart? Wouldn't your boyfriend wonder why you go to the bathroom every half an hour or on a bad day more lol.

if you try to hold them in won't they just come out while you are sleeping which would be worse since he's sleeping next to you lol?

Whats the secret to making him think you don't fart? Lol.


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  • Outside, away from him... Like if I have to walk the dog, or check the mail. Sometimes, I just wait for him to leave the room. I've been with him for more than a year and have never farted in front of him. Sometimes, my stomach will grumble :p I'm actually not that gassy though. Like if I drink milk or eat milk product I will be, but that is because I am lactose intolerant. You could buy beano or go vegetarian so that your farts don't have an odor. I remember when I was younger, if I were going to go on a date, I'd just pop half a pill of beano lol

    • Is beano safe to take every day? Definitely not going vegetarian lol. The other things you suggested are great for daytime but I actually meant at night time after being at work all day, you know when you are just hanging out at home with him watching tv eating dinner, etc. you can't just all of a sudden go "I need to walk the dog" lol. What if he never leaves the room lol or if he leaves and you fart only to have him come back sooner than expected and the room stinks lol.

    • Yes, it is safe to take every day, taking it at night would be better. Hmmm, what are you eating that makes you have excess gas? I'm not very gassy, so it's not a huge problem for me

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