Girls, do you have a preference when it comes to male circumcision?

So girls do you prefer a guy to be cut or uncut? If you do have a preference is it just that you think it looks slghtly more aesthetically pleasing one way or the other, or is it something quite important to you? A potential deal breaker? Would you exclusively date guys with a certaing type of penis?

As I don't agree with circumcision I would hope that most girls don't expect that, though being circumcision myself I suppose should be pleased in a way if they do prefer that.

Anyway, what (if any) is your preference?
  • No preference. I really don't care.
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  • Slight preference for circumcised, not something that really matters though.
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  • Preference for circumcised, I might still date an uncircumcised guy though.
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  • Absolute Slight preference for circumcised, wouldn't even consider an uncircumcised guy.
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  • Slight preference for uncircumcised, not something that really matters though.
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  • Preference for uncircumcised, I might still date an circumcised guy though.
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  • Absolute Slight preference for uncircumcised, wouldn't even consider an circumcised guy.
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Damn it, I should proofread the poll options... Ignore "slight" after "absolute" and "an" should be "a" before circumcised. I guess that should be obvious enough though.
Any more views on this?
Any other views on whether men look better mutilated?


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  • so sick of this question. gurls who actually care are shallow and probably have serious personality issues. if you find one who cares. RUN as fast as you can!


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  • I voted F, but I'd still go with an uncut guy. Lol. That's all I'll say. I had an exhausting time with a similar yet different question like this one on here.

    • I know, that's what prompted me to ask this.

  • I think penises look better uncut but I wouldn't really care if the guy i was dating, was uncut or no. t

  • I've never been with a uncut guy - would like to try it one day :-)
    But I have no preference either way.

  • I don't really care about it being cut or uncut. I care more about how large it is ;-)

    • Reasonable :P

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    • So a 7 in cut cock might appeal to you i assume :P

    • That's fine by me.

  • 100% Circumcised only. I absolutely cannot do uncut. It looks unsightly, have no urge to go down on uncut or have sex with. Would puke

    • To the user below I apologize that I find an uncut penis disgusting. To each their own. I am fine with what I like/dislike and I have no personality issues only a strong preference. Thank you :)

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    • LMAO!!! Ok I'm a bitch for liking what I like. Whatever I'm not banging anyone here who who gives a shit

    • Nothing wrong for liking what you like!!!
      People are just immature.. or close minded or politically correct

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