Is it ok for me to text him first?

I have been talking to a guy on Tinder for over a week, we get on well and he asked to take me on a date on Friday (yesterday) but I couldn't because I had planned to go to a gig with friends. To cut a long story short the gig didn't happen because of a fall out and I ended up out with my friend and bumped into the guy from Tinder randomly at the club I was at. He was super nice, we kissed and he bought me and my friend drinks. He said he really liked me and wants to see me again on Tuesday or Wednesday for a proper date. It's now the following day and I haven't heard from him yet, would it be ok to message to say thanks for last night or should I just wait for him to speak to me..?


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  • Just wait, many guys don't want to seem desperate so they use the 2 day rule. Sounds like it's off to a good start. Good luck.

  • No, you will disturb the Gods, and they will wreak havoc upon the earth, causing destruction and famine worldwide.


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