To make-up or not to make-up that is the question?

Is it an expectation from men for us women to wear make-up? Basically it's our third date, but our first dinner date, and whilst i'm not feeling the whole make-up routine today, I am wondering do men even care? Is it acceptable these days to be able to chance it with a bare face? I have my skincare done ,so it's not like it's utterly bare. However like I said first dinner date , and he will be here prior to the actual date ,so I have 30 minutes to decide if I should smoke it out and go all in with a face full of make-up ,or risk it and go bare-faced. I'm asking both sexes as well I'd like to hear from both p.o.v's :)


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  • It depends on what kind of relationship you are having. I know some really hot hot guys who have married the ugliest, and I mean seriously ugly girls.
    The key however is to appear neat, pleasant, & completely obvious that you are good at taking care of yourself. Also being confident as in you feel comfortable in your own skin.
    Other than that, if you know your strengths, (which you MUST, because dating or not, it is the first & most important thing in life you should focus on before even thinking about breathing, water, & food) you might have an idea of what he is attracted to in you. Most of the times it's your strengths, but there's also a good chance with guys that it is actually what you hate most about yourself. (From what I've seen, unlike girls, guys do not act on cliches when it comes to personal matters, tastes, or opinions). So bottom line, find out what he likes in you, & take care on it.
    P. s. some guys are face guys, some are boobies, some bootie, some overall figure, however some are all about mentality, character/personality, or even culture. (A good way to understand such things is to get close enough with his family)

    • We're quite open in our dating , knowing each other for 2 years prior has helped. I only wore the bare minimum as I decided it was the best option. We did speak about make-up and he said the cheesy thing that all men do 'you look without makeup' ha ha. He said as he is a man he feels he doesn't have a say on what women do with their make-up. Seems reasonable enough. Our dinner date went off without a hitch , basically it was amazing. I'm enjoying getting to know him. Thanks for the tips, much appreciated :)

    • I forgot to mention he's seen me bare-faced before so it wasn't really an issue, I was just querying as to see if i should have or not, turns out i didn't have to but I did feel more confident with a little bit on.

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  • I like it when girls don't wear makeup. I little can be nice but it's not necessary. I think my girlfriend is beautiful without makeup.


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  • I never wear make up. And people like me for that even more. It's weird. But you don't have to wear make up. It's just a preference thing. My boyfriend hates it when I wear it because he says it disguises my natural beauty


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