How can I tell if I actually like him? Not sure if I like him or if it's just the situation?

I've hooked up with this guy about 4 times now. The first time was like a proper date; we went for drinks and then watched movies at mine before he spent the night. The second time we just hung out with some of my friends and it just ended with a kiss. The third time he just popped round to say hi after work and we ended up hooking up. The last time was a plain booty call, but I spent the night afterwards and we ended up cuddling for hours. I don't know if I'm catching feelings for him or if it's just the situation that makes me think I am. We have fun when we're together and I feel really comfortable and safe around him. But how do you tell if that means you like him or if you just like sleeping with him? I'm seriously confused.


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  • Don't contact him for a week. See if you miss him.


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