Will their friendship be ruin?

So last night my crush best friend took me out for early birthday/hanging out with friends type of thing he did for me ( he didn't really have to do that because he just got off work and it was late when he finally picked me up) but my crush wasn't there. It was fun because it felt like a date to for some reason but I know it probably wasn't though. When he picked me up it was quite at first because usually his friend and my crush is always around and at first he had a girlfriend and I barely talked to him because I don't talk to guys that is in a relationship. But when we got there we both felt comfortable smiling and staring at each other whenever we got the chance to, teasing each other in a flirty way. We had a amazing night and having two other close friends with us made it better. After playing bowling and pool, I asked him If I was my crush type in dating girls because I want to move on because I like someone ( I like him but didn't say it but he sorta figured ) and he told me I shouldn't worry about it and go on dates and give guys a chance. He's not ready for a relationship because 1.) He just gotten out of a relationship and 2.) He wants to wait until he is finished with his classes and just want to spend time with his family and close friends ( me as well) but we still flirt and he gives me compliments. I just hope that guy I use to have a crush on and his friend friendship won't be ruin because we are all friends.
Also the only reason I moved on because he kept pushing me away even though I told him how I felt and my crush best friend did not like that at all when I told him and that's when he said I should give other guys chances


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