Love my girlfriend but think that I miss many opportunities with other girls while I'm a taken guy, Could you please help me about that?

I love her she is the girl of my dreams but I can be with much more girl and being with her is like wasting sexuals and conquests opportunities, Sometimes wish didn't know her was better or meet her when I was late 30 and was ready to settle down.
Thinking to break up but she is so nice so fun I have best times of my life with her.
So confused don't know what to do? Asked her once (as a fun question) about an open relationship and she said its disgusting to her.
Also I have a friend who has wife but cheats on her he says I can date other girls behinde her back but should be careful.


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  • Grow a pair of balls and man up. This girl is probably the best thing that will ever happen to you. All you want to do is hook up with other girls who you don't even know are interested in you. I bet that if you did break up with her you'd be crawling back to her in a heartbeat.

    • I couldn't agree more

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    • Then you need to stay with her. This so called "missed" opportunities are in your head

    • heart* in fact!

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  • I've witnessed this situation with many of my friends. It was their first serious relationship and their only sexual partners. Most of them ended breaking up.

    You just have to wonder if in the end, this will break your relationship. Cheating on her would be terribly bad. You have to ask yourself if it's worth breaking a relationship that is good because you want to experiment. Will you have any regret in three or four years?

    • Yes I will, missing her would be so sad. She isn't my first but I'm her first actually she had a boyfriend before but no sex and was virgin and lost it to me.

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  • No, you can't date someone else behind her back. Either committ or move on. If you can't respect yourself, please at least respect her. It doesn't sound like you are ready for a committed relationship. Will you regret losing her? Perhaps, but it's better than staying and cheating, in my opinion.

    • Don't want to have regret of losing her and be a less man both.