When to accept friendship, when to walk away, and what now?

Hey all!

Over the past couple of months i've been learning the importance of self worth, respecting yourself and valuing who you are. I've learnt to walk away from things i don't want, particularly things like when friendzoned and what not by girls you have romantic interest in if they are not willing to reciprocate.

But my question is based on the friendship thing. When do you accept being friends and when don't you; when do you walk away?

I've got a girl who dumped me a few months back, there was no ill intent and no hard feelings, but i didn't accept the friendship because i wanted romance and haven't spoken to her for almost 3 months now. It's been a hard road, even though i have times when i really want to talk to her, but i know that doing so is counterintuitive. I can't changet the way she feels about me, but i can change the way i feel, and how i show up. But i can't help feeling crappy about the whole thing. I like her and i know that being "just friends" isn't going to lead anywhere and the suffering that comes with those situation isn't worth it most of the time, but i still can't help but feel that the way i handled it wasn't the right thing.

Again, when do you accept friendship, and when do you walk away? And what do I do about the situation?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated...


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  • Never and always! You never accept friendship and always walk away , she has the right to reject you , you have the right to reject her friendship and walk away from something that will cause you pain. When girls try to friendzone me , I always tell them... if am not good enough to be your boyfriend , well , then am not good enough to be your friend.


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