What did I misread on my date?

So I'm a bit confused how I misread a date so completely. I should be better at it by now but apparently not. There's going to be a fair amount of backstory so read on at your own peril.
I met a girl on Happn and we began talking. I asked her out and we set a drink date but continued to talk every day, finding out about each other and just generally chatting. It was just under two weeks of talking every day before we finally met with both of us initiating the talking depending on the day. At one point she mentioned saving a place I mentioned for another date and at another was happy to know I sometimes hung out in the area she lived.
We finally met up for the date and it seemed to go well. The conversation was easy, we laughed a lot. She must have looked me up online because she let slip something I hadn't told her but can be found online. She also continued to seem to want to know more about me. As the evening wore on she brought up the topic of sex. Now to be fair I was a bit tipsy by this point and can't remember the exact details of it but she did give me a seductive wink as we were talking. The date ended up lasting five hours! Anyway I walked her back to the tube station and we talked and joked about some stuff on the way. I kissed her goodnight and she asked me "I'll see you later?" I said yes and we parted ways.
Now when I asked her out again she replied with the dreaded "you're lovely, but" apparently she felt we were looking for different things. I massively misread the signs. That was either a polite way of saying she just wasn't into me or she wasn't looking for anything lasting longer then one night. The thing that confuses me is she was definitely flirting and complimented me a lot but also seemed really interested in me. If it was just a one night thing why was she so interested in finding out personal stuff about me and if she wasn't into me why so much overt flirting?


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  • Doesn't really matter now does it? You did what you did and she just happened to not want to continue anything with you. You had a 50/50 shot at interpreting her behaviour accurately, and it didn't work out, oh well. What you shouldn't do (not saying that you do) is assume that all women behave the same way if they have the same motive. Some women might want a one night stand, and they may either spend the night getting to know you and then split after sex, or be very vague and dominant but still just want sex. So in your scenario, it just worked out how it did, move onto the next one.

    • I know it doesn't matter I was just curious seeing as I misread the whole thing so badly. Not wanting to misread something like that again I was wondering what others made of it.

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