My boyfriend never gets jealous?

My boyfriend always comments on other girls pictures calling then hot, attractive or gourgouse....and those girls seriously are stunning you know its those instagram girls lol....
ii told him how I feel and his preferences, I asked him if he can like/want me only, he said he likes what he likes and other things besides me, but said he is with me and not them, so end of story..

then I asked him how would he feel if I started to like other guys? He responded that he knows Il never be with them so like whom ever you wish :(....and he never cares if I talk to another guy or if I try to get hit this normal?


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  • Thats how i am. You need to understand, you can think someone else is hot but that doesn't mean you're gonna do anything with them.


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  • He is not afraid or worried about losing you. He knows you won't go anywhere

    • Well atm I think I might leave... i not feeling so good for this relationship...

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  • I was about to say that it's good but then I saw that you said that he comments on other girls pictures who are stunning so to me it seems like he feels like he has nothing to lose or put a lot of effort into. if a guy doesn't get jealous but steps in when another guy is aggressively hitting on you or touching you than its normal.

  • His ego is obviously taking over and he thinks you are too weak to leave him. He is emotionally abusive and he is probably even capable of cheating. You should put your foot down and stand up for yourself..
    You actually should leave him because he hurts you and doesn't care how you feel about
    Treat him how he treats you


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