Best opener to use when approaching a girl?


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  • This is not such an easy question to answer because every one is different. Some women may appreciate the direct approach, say hello, and offer to buy them a drink, while others may want some creativity. When going out to night clubs or parties, women are expecting to be hit on, and most will probably have their guard up. I will give you some examples of what you can do. Lets say that you are at a party with some friends and you spot a gorgeous looking girl, ask your friends if they know her, and if they do, ask them to introduce you. Straight away you'll have something in common with this girl, and you can start by asking how does she know such and such and then go from there. If you see a woman by herself (which is rare, but does happen) and everyone else is dancing and having a good time, she may appreciate you giving her some company, and would probably would talk and/or dance with you. How you handle your approach, may depend on the situation, but there is nothing wrong with simply saying hello. The point is, just be yourself, be creative (if you can) and don't come on to strong. Hope this helps.


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