Am I just reading the signals wrong?

I just started school 3 weeks ago and have met some people I will be working and studying with for the next year. I am attending culinary school so I will basically see them all the time. There is one particular girl in class that has caught my attention and I thought that I caught hers. We joke in class and she's always finding time to just talk to me or to just be around me. For the past week she's been asking me to meet up with her at some bars to hang out and we text back and forth and back and forth. So finally this weekend we meet up and it ends up being me with a bunch of her "guy friends." I had no idea what the situation was. Did she invite me out just to hang out as friends or what, but she then said she was sorta dating one of the bouncers and that she also just got out of a 6 year relationship. I am down with being friends with her because she is an awesome girl, but I hate being led on. I don't want to over pursue just in case she is sorta seeing someone. This girl is so damn cute and probably one of the more attractive girls I have gone for. I would say she is out of my league, but whatever I have nothing to lose if I go for her except being rejected haha.

Anyways do you guys think its best if I just hang out with her as friends even though I do like her not just because of her looks but she is damn good in the kitchen and big into sports. How could I not go for a girl like that? I am not one to mess around with other peoples relationships but damn I think I may have to this time although I may have no chance cause it seems as though she goes for big bouncer type guys. Sometime I wonder when is it my turn to get the girl I want and not just going for girls that I am not interested in but I do since they show the slightest interest. What should I do ladies? Stick with being friends even though I like her or lay low and learn more about her before doing anything stupid?


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  • i think you should get to kno her as friends first. she's definitely being flirty towards you so thts a good thing :) I say keep hanging out with her and flirt see where things go..


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  • The thing is she asked you to go to a bar with her, its not leading you on though, because most women go to the bars with a bunch of people guys or girls for safety reasons mainly. So you should have gone in there knowing that she was going to be with a bunch of ppl. She's sorta dating a bouncer, so what sorta doesn't mean she is.

    The way to get around that statement is to play along with her for a few minutes do not spend the entire night talking about her and some other guy, but you could say oh ok so how long have you been sorta dating this guy? When she tells you like a week or two days, quickly change the subject to something entirely different. If it's only been like a week or two, or even just a few days you might have a shot with her. But if she starts saying things like I really like him and blah blah blah, might wanna move on to another girl. Now if she says something like well I don't know where it is going, I never see him that much or anything like that, make a move ask her on a date.

    Keep in mind though if you like her as in wanna date her, don't become buddy buddy with her that is a fatal mistake almost every guy makes, the more you become buddy buddy with a girl the most she is going to see you as a friend. When you first meet a girl you have a small window of opportunity to go from just a friend to sorta dating this guy, but if you mess it up you will just be a friend and that window will be closed forever.

    • Yea it is difficult to stay away from the friend zone so I will definitely try to avoid it. However I am going to be seeing her 5 days a week so that may be an issue. This Thursday a bunch of us are getting together for happy hour so I will see how that goes and ill ask her about the guys she's seeing and then change the subject haha. I don't think she likes like the guy since she just got out of a long relationship and is prob enjoying the single life for a bit but who knows. Ill take my time

    • If you see her every day then why don't you ask her on a date. The whole I just got out of a relationship is a sham, just ignore it and don't let that stop you from asking her on a date.

    • I don't think I am quite prepared to ask her on a date if she said she was sorta maybe dating someone but I am doing my best to flirt with her during class and stuff. I am going to be a little patient for a couple weeks and see where I am. Just play it cool like I usually do and maybe she will take more of a notice and just even take the initiative to come after me which I would doubt haha. This Thursday we are hanging at a bar with some other peers and I will try to get to know her better.