I'm nervous to take the plunge?

So I like this guy. I like texting him, I like seeing him in school. Last night he invited me to his house to see a movie I had been dying to see and I agreed to go. Then, as the hours counted down to the time when I had to leave, I thought about chickening out. I was so close to just staying at home, in my comfort zone.

We didn't touch at all, but I had a lot of fun. What can I do to help me not be so afraid to be with him??? We haven't gone on a date yet, last night was the first time we hung out alone.


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  • Well it might just be a matter if getting to know him. The more time you spend with him the more comfortable you'll be. So just try to hang out more. Either one on one or with a group of friends. And remember he's just a person, he might be nervous too! Good luck. ☺

    • We've been talking for over 5 months now, just haven't hung out alone... But thanks!!! :)

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  • you don't need t b afraid basiclly... seems he lkes you :-)

    • I'm nervous for us to get into the relationship phase (if it ever gets there)...

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