Dating a muslim man?

Okay I am new to this so you more then likely seen a post of mine.. Well this is my question if anyone can help. I have been seeing this guy for a while and well now we are dating I never press the issue of us dating and going further... But now he said we are dating and well to me with our "dating" I thought it would be more into it. I only see him once a week sometimes twice and we barely talk but more text. My thing it because I am white and he is muslim. How can I bring that up to him without getting him upset? Plus I am new to the dating thing so anything will help. What should i expect from this?


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  • I assume he's middle eastern?

    In that case, "dating" as we know it is not what it is in his culture. They're extremely conservative, and depending on the region, following sharia law (which is NOT a good system to follow)

    I'd honestly slowly back away. Some may call me islamaphobic but really, if you're barely talking in the first place and he calls it dating, that's a huge warning sign in my opinion

    • Yes he is middle eastern... He has mentioned about Sharia and he does do his prayers when he needs to. That never bug me but Our talks have come to barely and well she sure does not like it when i swear lol.. but not with what you answer makes me want to back away but why slowly?

    • I suppose I should have worded that better. You mentioned that he's from Iraq. Like I said, extremely conservative region

      I would call things off, citing lack of communication, not really going anywhere. Basically, it doesn't feel like you two are dating since you're in a constant state of confusion.

      I honestly have no idea how he would react. I've had rare interaction with people from that region (a friend of mine has family in UAE and Yemen) and they don't seem very... tolerant per se

      Good luck!

    • Thank you,

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  • I'm a muslim too, we are cool lol... Anyway my opinion is that why would you care if he is a muslim, make your decision according to his personality, behaviors etc don't make the religion as a deal breaker... If you like him then it's ok and if you don't then leave him no need to force yourself into something you don't like BUT again forget about the religion

    • Well it's not about his religion not at all he also from Iraq.. It's the fact that well I have been told by so many people that there will never be anything more and well I would like more ( I do hope I am making sense) lol. But the fact that I am white and he is not that there will be no long term just dating..

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    • To date* non-white people

    • That's not it I have dated white. I date who I am attracted too.

  • just clarify with him that if you break up he's not going to behead you.


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  • You are going to get a lot of garbage from haters here. Don't let it bother you.

    I dated a Muslim for about 4 months. Situation similar, texting without talking, seeing each other infrequently. Wasn't due to his religion, he was just highly motivated and crazy busy.

    If he is Americanized, the religious differences won't be as huge as you think. Family acceptance will be tricky regardless.

    All told, my guy treated me with nothing but affection, kindness, and gentleness. He was also more than willing to discuss his religion and appreciated my interest in it. He took me out on dates in public proudly.

    Seeing this guy twice a week isn't all that bad, really. Not sure you have a problem at all. Enjoy him.

    Mine ended when it just didn't progress forward much. Unfortunately, there is also that possibility with yours. That might be something you face down the road.

    • Thank you, That there means a lot. and that is pretty much where we are at. but I always wonder if there would be more but you clarified that.

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