How to tell if girl is into me?

There are plenty of times where I wonder if particular girl that I fancy is into me. Like some guys I can't be completely oblivious to the signs that girls might give off. If they do I might just pass it off as them just being polite. Most of the times it could be in a fleeting moment that she sends an indicator of interest, which I more than likely won't catch on too, because I am not looking out for them at the time, or I just pass it off as being nice/polite. What are things that girls do where I can say hey I think she likes me and wants me to ask her out?


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  • There are no signs that can be generalized as certain indications that a girl/woman is interested in you. Every woman will have a different way of expressing her interest in you and all sign can be misinterpreted, so you just gotta take that chance, or miss every opportunity that presents itself.

    • Co sign. Depends on the girl. We are all different. Shy girls like me will avoid you like the plague but will look at you often and maybe even smile. On the outside looking in, it may seem like I don't even like him but inside I'm obsessing over him. Lol, because that's what I do when I crush. Some girls aren't as shy and they smile at you, give u eye contact, touch you often and giggle at all your jokes. Some girls will compliment you often. It just depends

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