How to get used to another man after my ex?

My ex was awesome and he had the best sense of humor and we could talk for hours about the sillest things and had a lot of good laughs and I miss that. He broke up with me about 6 weeks ago and it's been very hard to get over him.

Every time I think about dating I feel sad because I feel like I will never meet someone like him again.


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  • It takes time for you to be able to move on, believe me, i've gone through that. Sitting around and wondering what went wrong and whether it was your fault or not doesn't help. There is a grieving period, but don't dwell on that too much, just focus on the positives, if he was the one who broke it off, then he obviously couldn't appreciate you for who you are, and it's his loss. Don't be bitter, and just remember all the good times you had, then hopefully you'll be able to move on with a clear mind.


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  • I'm sure he was a good catch, but let's be honest: what are the odds that you will never meet anyone like him again?


    You were just THAT lucky?

    = P

    It will take some time to adjust, but that's really what you need right now: more time. Then once you get back into the field and have an opportunity to meet more men, you'll find some more guys with a good sense or humor.

    Or maybe not. ; )


  • pm me, I am going through a similar thing.


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