How do I kiss with braces?

I am so nervous! I just started going out with this really great guy and I know eventually we will kiss. But I have never kissed a guy before and he has had experience. Plus, I have braces, which makes me even more nervous. I don't know what to do! Help!


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  • Ok, right. Braces.

    It isn't that different from kissing without braces. I know from both having them on, and not, and kissing those while having them on.

    The only time it gets sticky is when you guys start making out and exploring each other's mouthes with the tounges. That is much more awkward with braces, and requires a little bit extra from you.

    You NEED to make sure that your braces are clean or you will taste like an elephant's vagina. Keep them clean, FLOSS, and use mouthwash regularly. If you know that your boy is coming over for an escapade, then be sure to wash your mouth thoroughly, and take out any rubber bands that you may have to adjust your jaw. If you can't take the bands out easily, don't worry about it.

    It isn't that bad, there are worse things than having your first kiss with braces.


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  • I have braces, and I kiss lots of girls with they, I just kiss them normal and I ask them if they know the difference and they say no, so its not really that big of a problem.


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  • I had braces for two years. And in that time, I kissed a fair amount people and the braces did nothing to get in the way. Even kissing other people with braces was fine.

    They have actually redesigned braces these days so that they don't hook on to other things easily. That's a major help when it comes to kissing.

    Just forget they're even there and let your passion do the work =)

  • Aw I know how that feels. just close your eyes, and eventually it'll be over(x braces don't matter.. as long as he doesn't have braces.