Girls, dating a male stripper. Anyone done it? If so pros and cons. Go?


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  • I have not, considering I'm 18 that's probably a good thing. I think your main issue you need to come to grips with is jealousy. If you can control it, or just aren't the type of person to be jealous, then you're in good shape. Another thing you may worry about is what your family and friends may think. The more traditional folks will probably disapprove but if you can also get past that and be okay with some criticism, you should also be fine. Cheers!
    ~Panda Graciosa


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  • Pros:
    *He'll give you a lap dance
    *He'll make a lot of cash (not so much, but enough)

    *He'll be around a lot of women
    *The women will might flirt with him

    That's all I got.

    Take care 🙋

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